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Delicious Team

We are a delicious team! Girls who love food, but are not always too thrilled about adulthood.


That is why we decided to start creating a playful cookbook that is fun not only for children but also for adults who never really grew up, just like us. This project connects our playfulness, fascination with children’s world and love for food!

You are guided by our little Kukku, a cheerful cuckoo friend, who was given life by our imagination. He flies around the world searching for ideas of delicacies that we might prepare together in the kitchen. His recipes are so easy and fun that he even enjoys preparing them himself!

We collected his most favourite recipes and published them in a printed COOKBOOK! It is available only in Czech for now, but this web brings you three sample recipes in English as well :) Would you like to have this book in English, too? Let us know!



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